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Thinking Bliss


Breathing Your Way To The Divine


There is an underlying energy that permeates everything.  I call “It,” “The All.”  Think of it as the space between the atoms, pure, Creative Life Force energy.  Magicians tap into this energy when in a process of manifesting, Jesus harnessed it when he healed and performs transubstantiation, Kung Fu Masters use it to propel people across the room without effort, and meditators tap into It to connect to The Divine.  By allowing Pure Life Force Energy to flow through you, atomically It elevates your vibration by getting between the atoms and transcending whatever negativity may be lurking.  Buddhists refer to this energy as Chi, and practices such as Feng Sui is centered on the flow of Chi through a space.  Chinese Medicine is also centered on Chi flowing through the body’s meridians. 

 Hindus and Ayurvedic Doctors refer to life force energy as Prana.  When one has free flowing Prana, health is radiant, emotionally glowing, and life seems happy, secure and balanced. 

 Although different belief systems call “It” different things, the underlying definition is the same.  It is The Sacred Energy of The Divine that links us all.  The Bible references this when God is depicted “breathing life” into an inanimate shell.  The body was just a body until God breathed life into it. (i.e. Adam.) 

 All belief systems  believe that one connects to The Divine, and acquires life force energy through the breath.  As a matter of fact, they might say that the breath is The Divine. That is why practices like Yoga and Pranayama are breath centered.  Kung Fu and Buddhist Meditators also start their journeys through the breath. It guarantees that Divine Energy is present on the journey because the journey is centered on The Divine, through the breath. (Most Christian religions disregard the breath...although Catholic priests use their breath during transubstantiation--next time you watch a Catholic priest preparing the Eucharist, watch how he breathes the 'sacred words' over the host....there is no playing around there)

 We share breathing with everything that lives.  Between plant and human, fish and water, we all breathe and often, one living thing’s breathing is dependant on the other’s (as in humans and trees.)  The fact that the human race is destroying tree and plant life tells me that subconsciously the human race has collectively decided to suffocate the world and itself.


  Keeping in mind then, that the breath is Divine Energy, imagine the healing available when you send energy through the breath to areas of your body that are experiencing dis-ease.  Knowing also that your body only suffers dis-ease when another area of your life is stagnant, imagine the transformations available when you bring Divine Creative Life Force Energy through the body, to all effected life areas---All just by breathing consciously.  It truly is that simple.

 Breath can be used in hypnosis, Meditation, Clearing Chakra and other energy centers, creative visualization, yoga, attuning to your inner self, your body. Your breath connects you to everyone you love….and everyone you loath.  We all have the same pure Divinity that permeates our very being.  Many yogis and devotees use the term “Namaste” as a greeting. Namaste means ‘I honour or salute The Divine within you.”  The world should all say it.

 When Chi/Prana/Energy is stagnant things like illness and emotional instability result, as does resistance in day-to-day life.  By focusing on the breath, and using it to heal and attune to our bodies, our lives become healed—of course it would….The Divine was welcomed!


Neat Little Yoga Trick:

  Between your bum and cooter is a little area that if tightened, (as if your trying hard not to poo or pee all at the same time) will keep your Prana/Chi/Energy from leaking.  It holds it in what Yogis call Bandas.  This prana accumulates and charges your Kundalini.  Your Kundalini is at the root of your being and when charged up, it unleashes transcendence.  People practicing celibacy are doing so to keep Pranic reserves high in The Kundalini area as to keep their spiritual flames well kindled.  Those practicing celibacy should be respected, not criticized. It does serve a spiritual purpose that is not for most, but transcendental for many.


  Let your exhale be substantially longer then your inhale.  This gives your brain a signal of relief, and a feeling of a wealth of time.   

Chi Kung

Ever marvel at how Kung-Fu Masters can throw people across the room without breaking a sweat, or how guys like Chris Angel can get smoked by a car and not even mess up his hair???? It’s all in the use of CHI. Kung Fu (the most spiritual martial art in my opinion) uses Chi Kung (breathing exercises) to increase Chi reserves in the body that act like a shield or offers super human strength.

  “The sage communicates with the Hidden Masters and is in touch with the cosmic consciousness by means of his ability to direct, or flow in harmony with, the psychokinetic energy of the mind and body as one.  It is often known as channelling the chi, or vital life force.  Thus it may be said that the superior man has a secret language of his own, and can communicate by telepathic means.”  NINJA Mind Control by Ashida Kim

  To quote Ashida Kim further on the power in breath control:

  “All of Chi Kung are methods of directing flow of energy within the body to specific areas, organs or points.  Inhaling fresh air, one saturates the blood with oxygen.  Through the device of mental imagery, which results in unconscious tensing of the appropriate muscles, the “charged” blood arrives at the designated site, promoting the general health and well-being of the selected tissue.  Even more profound effects are possible when one is operating on a hormonal level.  This is an art of self-revelation, which is self-regulating & mysterious.

These exercises are profound and powerful in the extreme.  Do not overexert yourself.  A Ninja never strains.”


Breath freely, deeply and consciously and enjoy the fruits of the connection to The Divine within you.



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Daniela Aum

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